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Your Future (A Micro-Documentary)

Your Future (A Micro-Documentary)

August 16, 2013 8:00 AM 11 comments

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  • PaulERhythm

    This is a tough pill to swallow. I saw first hand what the crash in 08 did to my 401k plan, I lost 40%! I rolled the existing 401k into a gold IRA and feel much better about my future. I am learning day trading and that is a work of progress. On top of my current job, learning day trading, eliminating my debt, stacking silver, investing in gold IRA, I am ever hopeful to survive the upcoming crash that is going to happen. The next plan is to invest in non-perishable foods and ride this storm out! Thanks to Future Money Trends, it makes things alittle easier!

  • Thanks for the guidance, great video Daniel… B

  • Robert

    Great Video! Even Rush Limbaugh, (whom I consider a shill for the repubix) said something to this effect:
    ~We are now beyond our own ability to help ourselves out of this mess. It will take a fantastic event or Divine Intervention to save us now.~
    This is the best statement he has made in YEARS, IMO. Apparently he and other radio personalities do not want to incite fear and chaos. But they had better start speaking the truth, and MORE Like This!
    Thanx to FMT for doing this!


  • Hey You!

    Tomorrow is not going to look like yesterday!

  • Gottfried Halbedl

    good information will share this with my sons

  • Esther Gomba

    Since Gold and silver are not perishable goods we are hopeful on the future development of this trade that lead to survive humanity through some area of business in the world.

  • These aren’t just the run of the mill w made documentary looks at the world’s

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